NFL coaching carousel breakdown

Rob Paul and AJ Marchese go through all the latest NFL news such as, Joe Flacco being traded to the Broncos, Kyler Murray picking football, and the Browns signing Kareem Hunt. They then hit every new head coaching and coordinator hire in the NFL and grade them.

Super Bowl LIII!…#A.T.L Hoe!

This episode we talk Super Bowl LIII -  ATL - Rams vs Patriots, the Super Bowl halftime show, what's up with Todd Gurley, Belichick and Brady, and much more!

The Armchair Scout: Post-Super Bowl 7-round 2019 NFL mock draft 4.0

The NFL season is officially over and we are now deep into NFL Draft season, with that in mind the Armchair Scout goes through a full seven-round 2019 NFL mock draft with pro comparisons for all the Day 1 and 2 picks.

Saints Got Robbed Billboards!

This episode we talk to Matt Bowers, Saints fan and billboard creator!

Oooh the Hate is Real!

This episode we talk about the final playoff games of 2019!

Falcons 2018 Season Recap Pt. 2

Part 2 of our Falcons 2018 season recap is now available! Hear what former Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli has to say about the Falcons season and offseason changes.

Falcons 2018 Season Recap Pt. 1

This episode we review the Atlanta Falcons 2018 season and look at some news!

NFL Week 17: Playoff Bound

Rob Paul and AJ Marchese recap all of Week 17's action, go in depth on the vacant coaching positions while giving some suggestions on who teams can hire to replace them. Finally, they finish off the show picking and previewing the Wildcard matchups.

NFL Week 16: Everyone is Fumbling Down the Stretch

Deck the halls with Rob Paul and AJ Marchese as they jingle you all the way around all the NFL action from Week 16!

NFL Week 15: Playoff Pushed Around

Rob Paul and AJ Marchese are back to tell y’all about every game from Week 15 in the NFL! Do you trust the Cowboys? Is the Saints defense going to keep carrying them? Are the Chargers the scariest team in the AFC? All of these questions are asked and answered and many more!