Fantasy Football Impact of the Antonio Brown Trade

How did Antonio Brown being sent to the Raiders impact players' fantasy outlooks? We take a look at some key players that will be affected.

Antonio Brown’s Mic Drop

AB got his way. Unless something flukey happens between today (March 10) and March 13 at 4:00 pm when NFL trades can become official, he will once again be the highest paid wide receiver in the game. He will purportedly receive a new contract worth $50.125 million over the next three seasons. Of that amount $30.125 million will be guaranteed. In more positive news: Pouncey’s contract extension Ramon “The Big Ragu” Foster re-signs, Finney gets 2nd round tender Unfortunately, we say a fond farewell, to one of the solid offensive line veterans. Gilbert traded to the Cardinals for 6th round pick

Post-NFL Combine 2019 Mock Draft

With the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine all wrapped up, Rob Paul and AJ Marchese dive into an on podcast mock draft. Do they believe the Kyler #1 hype? Who takes Haskins? How many D-linemen could possibly go in the first? Which QB will be way overdrafted? Tune in and find out! 

Exclusive: Antonio Brown Kevin Colbert Phone Call

Through intrepid detective work, we were able to procure a recording between Kevin Colbert and Antonio Brown*. OK, we only recorded Kevin's side of the conversation, but you'll get the gist. Antonio Brown Saga Continues AB is due $2.5 million on March 15. Will this press the Steelers into dealing him, or will they keep a steady hand on the tiller in search of the best deal they can make? AB is making his case in the traditional media through this ESPN interview and on LeBron's "The Shop". There's enough finger-pointing going on to keep this story going until the trade deadline. Can the Steelers find the value they need to deal AB? Ben and the Steelers Are Talking As is the tradition with the Steelers and their QB's, negotiations have started a year early with Ben's agent Ryan Tollner meeting with the Steelers during at combine to discuss a new contract. NFL Combine Tomorrow, Monday, March 4, is the last day of the NFL Combine and we'll been keenly focusing because the DB's will be doing their field work. We start narrowing down, talking about players of interest who can possibly fill the holes in the Steeler roster.

Colbert Steps into Media Cesspool

The media did not miss an opportunity to jump all over an innocuous comment by Kevin Colbert about Ben Roethlisberger's leadership of the Pittsburgh Steelers. His interview gave the media another chance to jump all over Ben with all the insight of armchair psychiatrists, diagnosing the so-called Steeler lock room ills, attributing everything from AB's demand to leave the team to climate change on Ben's lack of leadership. Colbert cleared up the Steeler's intentions for both Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown. We were very happy to learn of the re-signing of Tyson Alu-Alu, solidifying depth on the defensive line. Still hanging out there as free agents: Chickillo, Sensabaugh, Forte, Foster and James. Jesse is attracting interest from a few teams, so we'll see if TE depth becomes another area of need. Speaking of which, Colbert mentioned both Chris Boswell and Artie Burns and the regression they experienced last season. Competition will be brought in for Boswell. We already knew that we've got to bring in real talent at cornerback and We talk about the other positions of need: ILB, WR, safety.

What did Antonio Brown’s Twitter Q&A Reveal?

Antonio Brown has been in existential crisis since at least last summer, starting with his complaint that he hasn’t been allowed to express himself. He held aTwitter Q&A February 16. Unless you are AB’s therapist, you’ll need a cryptographer to figure out what he said, but we try to decipher it. There may be a lot of good DBs on the market especially veteran safeties available in free agency. We take a look at some potential targets for the Steelers in this episode. Finally: Are the Browns the team to beat in the AFC North?

NFL: The State of the League

Similar to the Presidential State of Union, Zach Cohen gives a formal recap and report on the 2018-2019 NFL season, including why it was a tremendous success and why there's no better time to be an NFL fan.

NFL coaching carousel breakdown

Rob Paul and AJ Marchese go through all the latest NFL news such as, Joe Flacco being traded to the Broncos, Kyler Murray picking football, and the Browns signing Kareem Hunt. They then hit every new head coaching and coordinator hire in the NFL and grade them.

What do the Steelers, AAF, NFL, Supreme Court and Congress Have in Common?

The Kardashians were relatively quiet this week, although we have some updates to talk about. 1. Steelers 2019 Opponents Announced 2. Steelers Put Final Touches on the Coaching Picture 3. Steelers Permeate the New American Alliance of Football 4. How Long Would a 2021 NFL Lockout Last? 5. The First Player to Fight the NFL in Court and Win 6. How Did the 2018 Draftees Do Against Our Predictions?

Super Boring Bowl

Yesterday we witnessed the Super Bowl. In what could only be described as the most boring game in Super Bowl history, the Patriots joined the Steelers at the grown ups table, amassing their 6th Lombardi Trophy in a game that resembled a baseball game in mid-June. The Patriots game-planned the 11th most prolific offense in NFL history into scoring purgatory, 13-3. Tony Romo showed his prodigious broadcasting and prognosticatory chops during the game. We talk about his true success rate in predicting the next play. News of the Steelers continues to disappoint as Alan Faneca was once again passed over for the Hall of Fame missing out in his fourth time as a finalist. Four linemen made it to the final 10 but only center Kevin Mawae was elected. Terry Bradshaw made the Wall Street Journal of all places, regaling readers about his path from childhood. This guy was no coddled superstar. He worked as hard on the farm as he did at his craft. Finally - what do you think about the Mean Joe Greene commercial with Aaron Donald? Joe was quite complimentary of his defensive line descendent