Friday, June 5, 2020

Ranking the NFL Wild Card Games

See which games will bring the most excitement in the Wild Card playoff match-ups in the NFL.

What Chip Kelly and George Lucas have in common

One created Star Wars and one is a former NFL coach. What could they possibly have in common? Chip Kelly was recently fired by the Philadelphia Eagles, but why? After all, his resume up until this year included years of success at Oregon and two 10-6 seasons with the Eagles. Perhaps looking at another person’s career will help clarify the...

Manning Returns Against San Diego, Helps Denver Attain Home Field Advantage

Denver, thanks to the return of Peyton Manning, will have home field advantage in the playoffs.

Which conference will take home Lombardi?

The regular season was full of surprises for both conferences. The Chiefs started 1-5 only to win 10 straight, nearly stealing the AFC West away from the reigning Broncos. The Seahawks seemed to be dead offensively at the beginning of the season despite featuring the likes of Marshawn Lynch and Jimmy Graham. Without the two, the Seahawks got as hot...

Potential Playoff Match Ups for Denver in the Divisional Round

A look at the teams Denver could be hosting in the divisional round of the playoffs.

Clerical Errors: CJ McCollum and Other Infamous Paperwork Gaffes

Portland's paperwork debacle is one in a long line in sports.

OPINION: Lovie Smith’s Firing Wasn’t Totally Unjustified

DISCLAIMER: You are about to read the individual opinion of someone that isn't you. The opinion that is presented below does not represent the feelings or opinions of The Armchair All-Americans as a whole, and will likely not represent the feelings or opinions of the reader either. Studies have shown that long instances of exposure to opinions you do...

Home(victory)less Wildcard Weekend

The Texans, Bengals, Vikings, and Redskins all had home games during wildcard weekend. They all lost. Bryan Hoyer beat the Texans, laces beat the Vikings, Rodgers (who just woke up from a 10-week slumber) beat the Redskins, and some well-timed lack of discipline beat the Bengals. For more detailed analysis -- read on... Chiefs vs. Texans (30-0) The Texans had a certain...

New Head Coach Checklist

The Cleveland Browns have suffered through perennial disappointment. The Miami Dolphins were a promising team heading into the 2015 season, and, once again, failed to live up to potential. Both have hired new coaches. Both have a lot of work to do. Adam Gase and Hue Jackson filled two of the seven coaching vacancies in the NFL. The Dolphins were...

Why the Broncos Can’t Overlook the Banged Up Steelers

Although many key players on the Steelers are injured, the team is still as dangerous as ever
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