Magic win two in a row after long road trip

After a long road trip the Magic returned to Orlando to defend their home court against the Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets.

The Celtics go cold in the desert; Still somehow win

The Celtics completely forgot how to play basketball in the first half besides Kyrie Irving who put in 39 points for the Celtics in an confusing comeback victory,

Why Jamal Murray’s shot against the Celtics was in the right

The NBA is loving this Kyrie Irving vs. Jamal Murray debate. Should Murray have shot the buzzer beater three? I think he should have and here is why!

Celtics suffered early loss to Raptors in ECF preview

On paper, The Boston Celtics and Toronto Raptors are the favorites to meet up in an eventual Eastern Conference Finals matchup in May. For now, it’s October and these two teams have a long way to go before playoff time.

Celtics fever is in the air

As we approach the start of training camp around the NBA. It is time to sound the alarm and get excited for the return of our Boston Celtics.

2018 Key Games: What are the must-win games for the Boston Celtics?

The NBA season is a daunting 82 games long. Most players say a single game is just a single game. We know that some really do matter more than others and the Boston Celtics are no exception.

Football’s Back, Baby

We’re back with another action packed episode. With preseason football starting up Thursday, we’re starting to think ahead to fantasy football, Hall of Fame speeches, and the best receivers of all time in our Best and Worst of the Week (1:00). Then we examine the Urban Meyer scandal, and how it relates (or doesn’t) to Josh Hader and a previous worst of ours, the Chicago foul ball guy (25:05). L.J. tries to fix what ain’t broken (35:21), chicken plays too big a role in professional sports (44:57), and maybe we miss live TV, but maybe we just miss seeing Die Hard popping on randomly (47:18). Ever forget why you walked into a room the second you walked in there? Ever wondered how guitars work? Let’s learn together (57:05). All that and more, this week on Just Press Play.

Should he stay or should he go? Kyrie Irving’s future with Celtics murky

There are a few rumors that Kyrie Irving wants to form a new superteam with one of his best friends next year. He's on the best team he's ever been on, though, so would it be smart to look elsewhere?

How much pressure is on Kyrie Irving this season?

Kyrie Irving is going to be healthy and ready for a new season. His legacy as a Celtic and in the NBA will depend on him becoming a real leader.

What does the Kawhi Leonard trade mean for the Celtics?

The East just got a lot better with the addition of Kawhi Leonard. If the Celtics want to start winning titles soon, how does this affect their decision making?