The Cardinals should retire Curt Flood’s No. 21

The problems with major league Type 20B free agency this offseason have brought the name Curt Flood to my brain a lot. Now, with the Hall of Fame lacking Marvin Miller, there is at least another way to honor those who have made the modern free agency system a reality. A retired number is still the way to go...

Mount Rushmore of Two Sport Athletes + There’s a New Single Digit Yankee

Congratulations to Joe on the Patriots making the Super Bowl (02:35 - 08:05). Peter Gammons and Donald Trump love Curt Schilling (08:08 - 10:08). The guys run through a very light sampling of free agency news (10:08 - 18:55) and some new rumors (18:55 - 25:43). The Historian pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. (25:43 - 27:03). The guys wrap up the show with a Mount Rushmore of two sport athletes that don't get talked about enough (27:03 - 44:30). Store: Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

Cody Allen is the Angels answer for a closer

After a terrible 2018 campaign, Cody Allen is looking to solidify the Los Angels Angel's bullpen and return to his dominance.

Here is yet another update on the free agency hunt for the Phillies

This could be it, the ending to the grueling development in the Bryce Harper and Manny Machado sagas. Philadelphia still stands in the front for both phenoms. Is the offseason a success without them?

Phillies added key building piece to bullpen with Robertson signing

The Phillies finally took action at fixing their greatest Achilles heel with the signing of David Robertson. He could be the talent needed to close games for the white and red.

If I Had One Mish

SiriusXM host and host of the Marlins podcast Swingsandmishes Craig Mish joins the show this week as we break down the Miami Marlins in another NL East preview. Craig gives the low down on the latest J.T. Realmuto rumors, addresses the frenzy surrounding JTR, and gives his take on the previous trades of the big 3.

Peter Gammons Gets His Own Segment + Is a Baseball Strike Coming Soon?

It's James's birthday this week and he's raising money for Boston Children's Hospital to celebrate it! They saved James's nephew's life, and he'd like to give back. If you'd like to give, you can go to Boston Children's website. Let James know how much you give because he is doing a 10% matching gift on all donations! Store: Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

What does the signing of Brian Dozier mean for the Nationals?

The Nationals hope that Brian Dozier provides pop and a stable presence from second base.

A battle worth fighting: Mel Stottlemyre dies at age 77

There was nobody on a pitching mound in 1965 that could deny Mel Stottlemyre was not the ace of the New York Yankees. With Whitey Ford a year from retiring, Stottlemyre was the hot pitcher that would front the rotation for 11 years. On a very dreary June 20, 2015, Mel Stottlemyre brightened the skies for every single Yankee...

Boring Minor League team names are a waste of an opportunity; how to be better

There’s nothing more disappointing than a Minor League affiliate with the same name as the parent team, unless its cliche like "Bulldogs" or "Cougars."