Weird Science

Former ESPN writer and Fangraphs standout Dan Szymborski joins the show to discuss his projection system ZIPS, and how he developed the system. We get his thoughts on J.T. Realmuto, the Reds affluent offseason, and even his take on superhero icons. Tune in and find out which division Dan thinks may be the toughest division in the world.

Angels prospects to watch in spring training

Some of the Angels' top prospects will make their spring training debuts, so what can we expect from these young players?

Rembering “Doctober”, Roy Halladay Becomes a First Ballot Hall of Famer

The announcement of Roy Halladay being elected into the Hall of Fame came as no surprise to most fans, but better yet served as a fitting salute to the ace taken from this world too soon.

Three Nationals players recognized in MLB’s Top 100 Prospects

Victor Robles
The Nationals will likely provide prospect Victor Robles the chance to play every day in the outfield, as long as they don’t emerge victorious in their pursuit of Bryce Harper.

The Yankees need to invest in offseason events for the community

New York Yankees
The Yankees should not continue to be the elitist club of MLB. They need to be reaching out to all of New York, as there are fans from all over.

How are the Angels trying to build a contender?

A slow off season does not mean a non-productive off season. The Ange's recent moves show how they are trying to build a contender in Anaheim.

Notorious B.O.G

Knockahoma Nation's wunderkind Boggy joins the show this week as we delve into the Nick Markakis signing, our feelings on the offseason to date, and whether or not patience is actually a virtue.

The Cardinals should retire Curt Flood’s No. 21

The problems with major league Type 20B free agency this offseason have brought the name Curt Flood to my brain a lot. Now, with the Hall of Fame lacking Marvin Miller, there is at least another way to honor those who have made the modern free agency system a reality. A retired number is still the way to go...

Mount Rushmore of Two Sport Athletes + There’s a New Single Digit Yankee

Congratulations to Joe on the Patriots making the Super Bowl (02:35 - 08:05). Peter Gammons and Donald Trump love Curt Schilling (08:08 - 10:08). The guys run through a very light sampling of free agency news (10:08 - 18:55) and some new rumors (18:55 - 25:43). The Historian pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. (25:43 - 27:03). The guys wrap up the show with a Mount Rushmore of two sport athletes that don't get talked about enough (27:03 - 44:30). Store: Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

Cody Allen is the Angels answer for a closer

After a terrible 2018 campaign, Cody Allen is looking to solidify the Los Angels Angel's bullpen and return to his dominance.