Everyone is making fun of Chris Davis, but there is no reason to cut him

Chris Davis is just in a deep schneid, and it will get better.

Trivia Hosted by The Historian + Joe and James Do History Lessons

James's nephew Vinny gives a Boston sports update (03:17 - 05:20). James, Joe and The Historian talk about Jacob deGrom, Chris Davis and the Mariners (05:20 - 18:20). Joe gives a history lesson (18:20 - 19:27). The Historian hosts a new trivia game that's broken up by James's obituary of the week at the 7th inning stretch (40:11 - 41:32) and features some incredible and original home run calls (19:27 - 58:30). Store: spurtability.org Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

Rocky Road Trip

The Cubs had a rocky start to the 2019 Season, we discuss the misery and visit with our Pirates fan friend Bryan! Early ad free listening for only $1 a month! join us at www.patreon.com/sonranto Buy all your stubhub tix here. www.sonranto.com/stubhub

There’s Hope

Orioles fans seem to be getting excited feeling like this season may not be a bust after all. Though unfortunately they're only a week into the season. Everybody calm down!

Why Chris Stratton is worth the risk

Chris Stratton may have been traded away from his original team, but there is plenty of hope for his future in Anaheim as a starter or reliever.

The Extension Heard Round The World

Acuna is extended and Doc and I can't get enough of it! Afterwards we break down our prospects to watch at each level of in the Braves farm system.

The eighth inning has been a nightmare so far for Nationals bullpen

The Nationals have seen leads disappear and tied games decided in the eighth inning this season, which has reaffirmed the notion that their bullpen is their most vulnerable spot early in 2019.

The Yankees Stink + Mount Rushmore of Orioles with Nathan Andrews

Joe and James open the show with a bunch of random topics including a Tony Clark sighting (03:01 - 19:03). The Historian talks about Dusty Baker and weed (19:03 - 21:26). Nathan Andrews from Full Count Chaos joins the show to talk about the Orioles and the Yankees and to do a Mount Rushmore of Orioles Players (21:26 - 59:51). Store: spurtability.org Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

Angels Week in Review and Interview with Inland Empire 66ers General Manager Joe Hudson

First weekly podcast of the 2019 season, week in review and interview with Inland Empire 66ers General Manager Joe Hudson.

Angels Spring Training awards

With the regular season under way, there's still time to recognize the outstanding Angels performances of Spring Training with the Spring Training Halo Awards.