The Platinum Sombrero: Decisions Decisions

We continue our trade discussions as Atlanta looks to put a dagger in Washington's hearts during this series

The Platinum Sombrero: Break Time Is Over

The 2nd half is about to begin and we take a look at what's ahead for Atlanta. Afterwards we do a dive into explaining the most popular advanced metrics and why we use them

The Platinum Sombrero: 4th Of July Spectacular

The Braves are 15 games over .500, the NL East is tanking, and the Braves are sending 2 21-year-olds to the All-Star game. What more could you want?

The Platinum Sombrero: The Nicest Episode

It's the 69th episode (nice) and who else could we bring on but Guarav Vedak? This week we discuss the all-star voting, the trash play of 3 NL East teams, and 1 very disturbing quite by Brian Snitker.

MLB should suspend Jason Vargas since the Mets will not

Devin Mesoraco
Major League Baseball should do the right thing and punish Jason Vargas. They have a checkered history.

What a difference a month made for the Nationals

The Nationals are putting all chips on the table in their pursuit of a playoff spot after turning their fortunes around with better health and a timely offense.

The Platinum Sombrero: Braves Bombers

The Braves have been busy channeling their inner '27 Yankees, blasting everything in sight out of the ballpark, and Doc and Dylan are here to break it down. Also in this episode, the guys discuss the incredible run on rookie hitters and their impact on the game

The unfortunate loss of Andrew McCutchen, incredible debut of Jay Bruce and the silent hero for the Phillies

Philadelphia Phillies
With crazy highs and lows in the beginning of the month, the Phillies have certainly adapted to their fair share of lineup changes. After receiving unfortunate news about McCutchen, two key contributors have kept the Phillies in the hunt of the NL East.

The Platinum Sombrero: The Pitching Ninja

The Pitching Ninja Rob Friedman joins the show this week as a special guest to talk about his rise to fame, his favorite pitches, and the game changing success of the FlatGround app!

The rebirth of the Washington Nationals

Roberto Rodriguez
Somehow, the Washington Nationals have brought themselves back to relevance in the contentious NL East race.