Friday, July 10, 2020

Combimetrics: the introduction of Magnum Octad Enumerate (MOE)

Combimetrics brings to you Magnum Octad Enumerate, the new theory that explains the true recipe for success in the majors.

2018 NLCS: The Milwaukee Brewers and the question of pitching

Milwaukee Brewers
The Milwaukee Brewers used a questionable approach to pitcher usage in the NLCS. Should other teams follow suit or is this a bad approach to the game?

Erik Kratz is the feel good story of the 2018 MLB playoffs

Erik Kratz
Milwaukee Brewers catcher Erik Kratz is the feel good story of the 2018 Major League Baseball playoffs, his first appearance ever.

MLB Playoffs: Historic day of games set for Monday

Major League Baseball is in for a historic day Monday with two games that determine the National League side of the postseason bracket.

Combimetrics: Is there truth in the Royal lie?

Cleveland Indians
Brian Draus provides his thoughts on the pitching staffs of a few 2018 Major League Baseball playoff teams using his combimetrics theory.

Christian Yelich, breaking pitches, and an MVP-caliber season

Christian Yelich
Christian Yelich is well on his way to earning an MVP award. He's hitting much better than he ever did in Miami and it's not quite clear why.

MLB Playoffs: Time to get wild or be left out

wild card
With just over one week left in the regular season, Brian Draus gives his thoughts on the MLB wild card races and provides his favorites to win.

Updated MLB postseason odds

The MLB postseason is almost upon us, so we take a look at the updated league and World Series odds.

MLB Award Race: The two most deserving MVP candidates

As we are one third of the way through the final month of the regular season, it is time to start taking a hard look at the MLB's MVP races.

Fierce National League race rounding third and heading for home

National League
As we have finally entered the final month of regular season baseball, the National League postseason races are more heated than ever.
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