Saturday, February 22, 2020


Orioles and Game of Thrones trending | Orioles ticket prices no longer an excuse | Albert Pujos wants his balls back

Episode 34 Be Patient

Salmon colored shorts and polo shorts | Gary Thorne said what? | April stats that will make you cry your self to sleep.

Episode 33 Hello Father

This week my dad calls in to reminisce about the days he pitched in the Orioles minor league system with guys like Palmer, Boog Powell and Mike Flanagan.

Episode 32 Bartsool Pt2

Eric from Barstool sports calls in to talk Orioles, bat flips, umpires, and bad life decisions.

He did it

Chris Davis gets a base hit and now we can all go back to our normal lives. Unfortunately though the Orioles are now focusing on a new record.

Everyone is making fun of Chris Davis, but there is no reason to cut him

Chris Davis is just in a deep schneid, and it will get better.

There’s Hope

Orioles fans seem to be getting excited feeling like this season may not be a bust after all. Though unfortunately they're only a week into the season. Everybody calm down!

State of the Orioles outfield for 2019 and beyond: DJ Stewart

DJ Stewart
The Baltimore Orioles are having a dark season, however, DJ Stewart is providing a few rays of light as the 2018 season winds down.

Perhaps the Orioles should re-sign Adam Jones

Adam Jones
Should the Baltimore Orioles re-sign their fan-favorite outfielder Adam Jones? Jakob Lucas believes it will be a good idea.

The Disrespect Shown Towards Alvin Kamara

Along with the typical amazing fantasy baseball insight, this week Ian and Eric and a whole ton of fantasy football draft advice, including some serious disrespect/shade shown towards Alvin Kamara (and a few others).
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