Saturday, July 11, 2020

Combimetrics: the introduction of Magnum Octad Enumerate (MOE)

Combimetrics brings to you Magnum Octad Enumerate, the new theory that explains the true recipe for success in the majors.

Boring Minor League team names are a waste of an opportunity; how to be better

There’s nothing more disappointing than a Minor League affiliate with the same name as the parent team, unless its cliche like "Bulldogs" or "Cougars."

Should we be surprised by the Michael Kopech injury?

Michael Kopech
Chicago White Sox rookie starting pitcher Michael Kopech will miss the entire 2019 season after being recommended for Tommy John surgery.

Yoan Moncada deserves patience of White Sox fans

Yoan Moncada
Yoan Moncada has struggled mightily for the White Sox this season, but his youth and potential deserve time to develop at the major league level.

Is there a silver lining in Yoan Moncada’s 2018 struggles?

Yoan Moncada
Chicago White Sox fans have been waiting for Yoan Moncada to break out in 2018, unfortunately, that didn't happen. But don't give up hope yet.

Chicago White Sox OF Adam Engel: Offensive Goals

Adam Engel
Adam Engel has one of the best gloves in MLB. After robbing three homers last week, the question is: how much offense will justify his spot in the lineup?

Combimetrics: An in-depth look at White Sox starter Reynaldo Lopez

Reynaldo Lopez
Brian Draus examines Chicago White Sox starting pitcher, Reynaldo Lopez, through the lense of his advanced metrics system.

James Shields Combimetrics: Is he worth more than you think?

James Shields
James Shields is far from being a dominant pitcher but he could prove to be an asset to a ballclub looking for an innings eater.

Chicago White Sox acquire former first-rounder in fairly quiet deadline period

Chicago White Sox
The Chicago White Sox didn't make a lot of noise at the trade deadline but they did acquire a former first-round draft pick.

Major League Baseball needs to do away with fan voting for the All-Star Game

MLB All-Star Game
Fan voting for the MLB All-Star Game has been an off and on tradition since 1933. In the new age of baseball statistics and analytics, it is time that Major League Baseball moves on from a fan-selected starting lineup.
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