Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Big Ten Recruiting: Purdue up four spots in latest conference rankings

Over the last week, the Purdue Boilermakers shot up four spots in the latest Big Ten class of 2019 recruiting rankings. Eight commitments in a week combined with two 4-star commits signal a solid class in the making.

Big Ten puts on solid performance in NFL Draft

Big Ten
This past weekend, the Big Ten Conference made a solid showing at the 2018 NFL Draft. This transition to NFL talent is a promising incentive for recruits.

The impact of spring games on college football recruiting

Spring games may be fun for fans who miss their weekly dose of college football, but they also play an important role in the recruiting process.

Big Ten Recruiting: What are recruiting quiet periods and why do they exist?

Every year, college football fans see the phrase "recruiting quiet period" thrown around by writers and analysts. This week, we take a look at the meaning and reasoning behind the college football recruiting quiet period.

Big Ten Recruiting: Wrapping up 2018 and moving on to 2019

With 2018 in the books for Big Ten recruiting, we take a look at the key points post-National Signing Day. Then, it is on to 2019.

A preview of National Signing Day 2018 for each Big Ten team

With National Signing Day just one day away, we take a look at what each Big Ten team can expect in the 2018 recruiting finale.

Ranking the Big Ten recruiting classes before National Signing Day

With just over a week to National Signing Day, we bring you our final set of Big Ten recruiting class rankings.

National Signing Day 2018: Top undecided recruits with B1G possibilities

With the bowl season at a close and National Signing Day less than a month away, Collin Ginnan takes a look at the top remaining recruits showing some Big Ten interest.

Purdue’s DJ Knox and Da’Wan Hunte on balancing life and collegiate athletics

Purdue running back DJ Knox and corner back Da'Wan Hunte discuss the ups and downs of balancing college academics, football and Greek life.

Purdue Recruiting: Football a major part of Cory Trice Jr.’s life

Cory Trice Jr., a 6-3, 163 pound defensive back, is Purdue bound next year. Growing up watching football, playing the game at an elite level was bound to happen at some point. An athlete who loves multiple sports, Trice did not find his love for the game until later than most. “I found my passion for football when I was...
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