Is It Iron Bowl Week?

For the first time (probably) ever, Auburn was slated to play the No. 1 team in both basketball and football in the same week. As a result, it's possible the Iron Bowl isn't getting as much as it should. In light of the basketball team's success, Auburn fans shouldn't be so quick to dismiss an Auburn football team that plays its heart out and could give Alabama a run for its money.

The Car Episode

Don't bail on Auburn football just yet. Yes, the basketball team's excellence is making them look silly, but if Auburn fired Malzahn today, who would they get? And how might recruiting and continuity suffer if that were it happen? These are the kinds of questions discussed in the first ever episode recorded while Bobby and Matt simultaneously drive around aimlessly in their cars.

SEC Football: Week 11 shows us life after divisions are won

Alabama and Georgia may have wrapped up the East and West in Week 10, but the season is far from over. What does Week 11 have in store for us?

The Dog Episode

Bobby and Matt make up for lost shows, compare how disruptive the various animals living in their homes are, recap Auburn's boring-then-suddenly-exciting comeback win over Texas A&M, and share their thoughts on the Tigers' trip to Athens to face Georgia this weekend. Oh, and there's some basketball talk. Yes, it's that time of year.

SEC Football: SEC East crown, battle in the Bayou highlights week ten

Alright ladies and gents, we are in the home stretch. What does Week 10 bring us? Here is your weekly rundown of the action coming this week.

SEC Football: “World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party” takes center stage in week nine

The SEC is all but set in terms of contenders and pretenders at this point. What does Week 9 bring us as the season begins to wind down?

The Bounce Back

Just when Auburn's bowl eligibility seemed out of reach, Gus Malzahn rallied the troops and walked out of Oxford with the Tigers' fifth win of the 2018 season. Now, with just a bye week separating Auburn from the final stretch of its schedule, the team will have some momentum to build on looking ahead.

SEC Football: “Third Saturday in October” highlights week eight

It's Week 8 and the going is getting rough, at least in the SEC East. What do you have to look forward to tomorrow? Let's talk schedule.

Emotional Vomit

Another week, another loss as Auburn tumbles into a 2008-esque abyss. As Auburn continues to sink lower and lower from its expected success, Bobby and Matt voice the concern of most Auburn fans: should this be Gus Malzahn's last season at Auburn? Even if he does come back, the product on the field must improve drastically from what we've all seen the past four weeks. It's certainly not worth $7 million a year.

SEC Football: Georgia faces major road test in week seven

Here we are again, heading toward a Saturday of football in the SEC. Trying to decide what to watch? Here is your ultimate guide.