Thursday, July 9, 2020

The Armchair Scout: QB purgatory, Tua time, and Alabama’s other other other WR

2020 NFL Draft
In what was supposed to be a weak slate of games it ended up being a zany Week 3 in college football, the Armchair Scout breaks down all the 2020 NFL Draft risers and sliders.

The Armchair Scout: Colts need a QB, Moses out for year, and CFB Week 0

2020 NFL Draft
The college football season returned with Week 0 and the Armchair Scout breaks down the best and worst prospect of the week along with the biggest 2020 NFL Draft news.

The Armchair Scout: 2020 NFL Draft Preseason All-Big Ten Team

2020 NFL Draft
All eyes will be on the Big Ten this season with multiple potential top 10 picks, the Armchair Scout looks at the best talent at every position in the conference for the 2020 NFL Draft.

Seven Rounds in Heaven: Summer Scouting Series- Big Ten

Rob Paul and AJ Marchese tackle another Power 5 conference in their Summer Scouting Series with the Big Ten, a conference near and dear to their hearts. They debate the two potential franchise RBs in the conference, talk about the impressive senior WRs and the dark horse top TE, and they deep dive on all the first-round offensive line talent. Then they hop on over to defensive talk and breakdown the stud pass rushers Chase Young and AJ Epenesa before talking all the talent at LB and the first-round freak at CB for Ohio State. They hit a ton of other 2020 NFL Draft Big Ten topics too!

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Football- You Don’t Have to Buy In to Fleck’s Shtick to Cheer for Him. Plus, Hoops in Italy

JD is joined by Frothy Gopher to discuss the misguided idea that you have to buy into Coach Fleck's shtick in order to support him as head football coach. Then West Coast Jack tells us about the Gopher men's basketball team's trip to Italy.

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Football: No Worries About The QB’s & MV Tells You What’s Wrong With Your Favorite Stat

JD is joined by Frothy as the duo discusses why they aren't too concerned about the loss of Zack Annexstad. The duo becomes a trio as MV joins to tell us where the S&P+ armor has some cracks.

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Football – Breaking Down the 2019 Schedule

The triumphant return of Jeffrick to the TAWpod airwaves! JD, Frothy and Jeffrick go game-by-game, breaking down Gopher football's 2019 season. And this will shock you, but the fellas lay out a clear path to Indy.

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Football – What can we expect from the rest of the Big Ten?

JD is joined this week by Ben Dawson from Off Tackle Empire to discuss Big Ten Media Days and the what the Big Ten Conference will look like in 2019.

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Football Expectations… What’s Realistic?

Frothy Gopher joins JD and the two have a conversation about what the expectations should be for the 2019 Gopher Football season, and why anything less than 8 wins should be considered a failure

Taken All Wrong: Gopher Pass Tickets and Recruiting Talk

JD is joined by Frothy Gopher to discuss the new Gopher Pass ticket option for football season tickets and Gobie chimes in to talk Gopher Football recruiting.
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