Wednesday, July 8, 2020

The Orlando Magic selected Chuma Okeke on draft night

Welcome to the Orlando Magic, Chuma Okeke! Okeke will be a key contributor once healthy for an improving Magic team.

Auburn Basketball off to a fast start

The Auburn Tigers basketball team is already playing near the level at which they won the SEC regular season title last year, through three games

The Dog Episode

Bobby and Matt make up for lost shows, compare how disruptive the various animals living in their homes are, recap Auburn's boring-then-suddenly-exciting comeback win over Texas A&M, and share their thoughts on the Tigers' trip to Athens to face Georgia this weekend. Oh, and there's some basketball talk. Yes, it's that time of year.

Is a Mustapha Heron return to Auburn possible?

Despite declaring for the NBA Draft, Auburn guard Mustapha Heron has yet to sign an agent and may be having second thoughts about jumping to the professional level just yet

Auburn guard Mustapha Heron declares for NBA draft

Auburn's leading scorer from the last two seasons has decided that he will forego his remaining eligibility to enter the NBA Draft this summer

Auburn Basketball’s historic season closes with Round of 32 loss to Clemson

The Auburn Tigers were defeated by the Clemson Tigers in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament by a score of 84-53 on Sunday.

Auburn muscles past the College of Charleston

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Let’s Go Dancing

For the first time in 15 years, Auburn is in the NCAA Tournament. With a matchup against 13-seed College of Charleston upcoming on Friday, it's up to the Tigers to lick their wounds after an embarrassing loss to Alabama and put their best foot forward. The good news is that Auburn gets to be part of one of America's greatest annual traditions: March Madness. This is going to fun.

Auburn Basketball: A look ahead to Auburn’s first round matchup

Auburn will face College of Charleston on Friday in its first NCAA Tournament appearance in 15 years

Auburn basketball looks to maintain end of season momentum in SEC Tournament

Auburn Basketball is coming off of a 79-70 victory over South Carolina and earned the No. 1 seed in the SEC Tournament
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