Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Cuse Militia Podcast: Episode 152- Syracuse basketball/Football, Cuse News, WR/TE Breakdown!

What's up Cuse Nation? @BoyGreen25 joins us for some Cuse Juice news! Giving you all the latest (up to the time of this recording)! Then, we it's in depth on the wide receiver's and tight ends!

The Cuse Militia Podcast: Episode 146- Syracuse Basketball/Football Cuse Juice, Offseason News!

What's up Cuse Nation? Tonight we go over some tidbits breaking today on Boeheim's Army. We talk Tyus and Brissett in the NBA draft. Poll results from the socials about the new Syracuse Football uniforms!

Episode 141- Syracuse Basketball/Football: NBA/NFL Draft News!

What's up Cuse Nation? Some more off-season chat. Battle wasn't chosen amongst the 60 players invited to the NBA combine but he still has a path. We'll tell you how. Right when you think Dungey is going to get snubbed he gets picked up by the Giants along with former teammate Chris Slayton. What's up with the Giants and Syracuse players anyway?

Episode 140- Syracuse Basketball & Football Offseason Chat!

What's up Cuse Nation? We are back with another offseason episode of recruiting news and all the rest! Check it out!

Episode 139- Syracuse Sports: Cuse News, Way Too Early Starting Five!

What's up Cuse Nation? We are back with the latest news in Syracuse basketball and football. We go over an interesting listener email from David. Then, you hear our way too early starting five for 19-20 basketball season and we hear yours!

Episode 138- Syracuse Basketball: That’s A Wrap. NCAA Tourney, Baylor Postgame!

What's up Cuse Nation? Welp, that didn't go the way I'd like to have seen it go! A very symbolic game to sum up the season as The Orange get dropped in the 1st round of the NCAA tournament, by Baylor 78-69. An end to a frustrating but not completely awful season. You'll hear from us. We'll hear from you in the Fan Feedback top ten!

Episode 137- Syracuse Basketball: NCAA Tournement, Baylor Preview!

What's up Cuse Nation? It's MARCH and Syracuse begins their tourney journey as an 8 seed against 9 seed Baylor! We'll tell you what we think!

Episode 136- Syracuse Basketball: ACC Tournement Postgame!

What's up Cuse Nation? I know it's disappointing but you have to hand it to these kids with the way they fought while Tyus sat on the bench. Frank Howard finally took the leadership role we've been waiting for him take all year. If anything good can come out of the injury to Battle it's that this team has confidence going into the NCAA tournement. You'll hear from us. We'll hear from you in the Fan Feedback Top Ten!

Episode 135- CuseStory – Syracuse VS UConn, Six Overtime Game 3/12/09!

What's up Cuse Nation? Joe and I relive the Big East tournement game between 20-Syracuse & 4-UConn! An Epic battle for the ages.

Episode 134- Syracuse Basketball: Clemson Postgame/ACC Tournement Preview!

What's up Cuse Nation? Not the ending to the season we wanted, not even close. But at the end of the day, it's one game and now it's tournament time. So, it's win or go home. You'll hear from us. We'll hear from you in the Fan Feedback Top Ten. And we'll take a quick look at the ACC tourney bracket.
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