Trace McSorley was no doubt a large part of Penn State’s improbable Rose Bowl run last season. McSorley threw for an impressive 3,614 yards and seven touchdowns last season. His career at Penn State didn’t start off with a bang though. In the week two match-up with Pitt, McSorley’s first “big” game, he threw one touchdown, one interception and dropped the ball four times. This was the type of inconsistency that plagued the darker parts of PSU’s season. When McSorley was hot, so were the Nittany Lions. On the days where McSorley struggled, as did the Lions.

For a perfect example, you can look at the Rose Bowl. McSorley started the game with an interception on the first drive and another one on the next drive. When McSorley began to make plays, the Nittany Lions scored on 7 consecutive possessions. After the third quarter, McSorley fell flat again and the team gave up their narrow lead.

It is obvious that while Saquon Barkley is the most talented member of the offensive squad, the team cannot play well when Trace doesn’t. The main thing that deters McSorley from playing well is his accuracy. McSorley, in large thanks to his receivers, was one of the most dangerous deep threat QBs in the nation last year. However, when it became time to throw short to mid-range passes, McSorley seemed to struggle. His progress was clearly evident as the season drew on, but even in PSU’s last game, McSorley showed signs of inconsistency.

It has been a long off-season for the Nittany Lions. Surely, coming so close to victory and suffering defeat has motivated the team beyond belief. McSorley has had a few months now to improve on his downfalls. Hopefully the fans are given a chance to see his improvements when the Blue and White game rolls around.


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