Check another off you list Buster Posey, because you just got another accolade. In his short time in the MLB Buster Posey has amassed an impressive collection of awards, some that players dream of for their whole careers. He has been in the majors for just 7 full season and already has a long list of career highlights. Well now he can add another to that list. World Baseball Classic Champion. Posey’s career has been filled with these types of moments.

In case you missed it Wednesday night Team USA won the World baseball Classic beating Puerto Rico. It was Team USA’s first time even making it to the final game and it wasn’t anything less than historic. Now that might seem hyperbolic but its the truth. Team USA has put together some marvelous teams in the past but this team was truly a winning combination. Posey was specifically selected to the team because manager Jim Leyland saw that his team needed on of the best. At catching he is almost second to none and its no surprise that the team the US faced off against had another great MLB catcher, Yadier Molina. Now with this win Posey has added an impressive accomplishment to his already large list of great awards.

Collection of Awards

Lets take a quick look at some of Buster’s accomplishments over his very short career.

  • NL Rookie of the Year in 2010
  • 3 Time Silver Slugger as a Catcher
  • 4 Time All Star in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016
  • 3 time World Series Winner in 2010, 2012 and 2014
  • Gold Glove Winner
  • Hank Aaron Award
  • National league Batting title in 2012
  • NL Comeback player of the Year 2012
  • NL MVP in 2012
  • 2017 WBC Champ

Look at that list. That’s pretty probably something even Posey himself would agree about being impressive.

Buster Posey has done a lot in these last 7 season. He’s easily cemented himself as one of the MLB’s premier catchers and is showing no signs of stopping. Being a young player is also a plus. His career has started off like a sprint and which is ironic since Posey hardly steals bases. Bad jokes aside Posey is currently maintaining a steady pace for his career. At 29 he just won his first Gold Glove and his defense for the team has only gotten better. Its like Buster doesn’t know how to quit. How long can Buster keep this up? He’s turning 30 in a few days and that’s a red letter day, especially for the All Star catcher. There could be some change coming in Posey’s future on the San Francisco Giants.

Dr. StrangePosey or : How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Buster

There’s a vocal group of fans in the Giants organization. This group wants to put Posey at 1st base eventually, maybe even sooner rather then later. Now its well known that catching in the MLB is a tough job, probably the worst on the body in the infield.

The organization itself has been presented with this idea multiple times. They’ve even address the claims.The Giants manager Bruce Bochy was quoted in 2014 saying “Right now, no. Down the road, I’m sure it’s something we will talk about,” Bochy said. “You’d like to lighten the load on Buster. Whether at some point down the road he will get out from behind the plate. I can’t answer that,  but right now, there’s no plan to do that. But I will say it’s always nice to have that option.”

First base represents a clear option for Posey if the time comes that hes not in the squat anymore. Posey turns 30 this March and as it seems to go a player in their 30’s raises concerns about how their future looks. Now lets not get ahead of ourselves. Posey is in great shape. Save for a few minor DL trips for day to day stuff and discounting his horrific injury in 2011, Posey has been pretty consistent on his health.

His career to this point has shown the Posey is pretty reliable as they come for catchers. The Giants would probably rather have Posey starting as a catcher anyways due to his impeccable defense behind home plate. If his career up to this point is any indication then yes its absolutely a great idea to keep Buster catching, until it the Giants are forced by circumstance to change that.

Future Posey

As time has gone on Posey has proven time and time again what makes him one of the best catchers of our era. Busters career with the Giants growing larger every passing season. Posey has racked up a slew of accomplishments in his time in the MLB and he probably wont stop there.  Hopefully his career as a catcher can keep up with these triumphs. Who knows what his future holds? Here’s a few choices on things Posey could still realistically achieve.

Olympic Gold Medal:

With the Olympics bringing back baseball in 2020 Posey could potentially be on this team. It is the Summer Olympics so that does interrupt his major league season but hey, it could happen.

Gold Glove at 1st base:

Hey Posey is a great defender, there’s no reason to think that if he was moved there then he couldn’t get one.

Have a rule named after him:

Who doesn’t want and MLB rule named after themselves…..  wait this already happened. Move along.

Player Manager:

Imagine Buster Posey taking over for Bruce Bochy after his final season and 6th World Series Title. Posey leads the team to the postseason every year until he retires. The NL West is smoking ash pile of broken teams left by Big Boss Buster. Pretty realistic huh?

Whatever the future holds for Posey, from the fantastical to realistic, Buster Posey will remain a player who seems to defy expectations and pick up more and more accomplishments wherever he treads. With his newest accomplish of WBC Champion Buster Posey is truly experiencing a great young career and its exciting to watch unfold. Look for Buster Posey and more of his bright future unfolding in this 2017 season.

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