With the new season in less than four weeks, it’s a little trouble in paradise for the Florida Gators. As first reported by the Tampa Bay Times, the University of Florida is now facing a second Title IX investigation due to the treatment of a case involving Wide Receiver Antonio Callaway.

Callaway, who was cited on May 13 for possession of marijuana, is believed to have this investigation open from himself and his legal counsel. This investigation is stemmed to come from the treatment of the case from the University of Florida’s case. Title IX is meant to “require schools to investigate claims of gender discrimination, including sexual assault and violence. Schools that fail to comply risk losing their federal funding.”

There have been many questions about the status of Callaway heading into the 2017 college football season and this will certainly raise more questions and bring more unwanted attention to the Florida Gators football team. Florida begins their season on Sept. 2 against the Michigan Wolverines from Dallas, TX. More updates will follow as they become available.

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