I’ll start with this: the Dallas Cowboys certainly don’t deserve to even be mentioned with the playoff contenders. Not after a performance like that on home turf.

The Cowboys had plenty of chances to beat a not great Tennessee Titans team coming off three straight losses. A really uncharacteristic night for the Dallas defense, but it’s hard to forget all the different ways this offense hasn’t helped them. Amari Cooper in his Cowboys debut gave this offense a nice first quarter spark, and ever since it’s been the same ol’ 2018 Dallas Cowboys.

Even Sean Lee got hurt!

Here are my takeaways on the Cowboys falling to 3-5 after a 28-14 loss Monday night at AT&T Stadium:

It Starts and Ends with Dak

Where there is plenty of blame to go around, the majority of it must go to Dak Prescott. Again, he simply just wasn’t good enough for the Cowboys to have a shot at winning. He wasn’t consistently accurate and had two awful turnovers that just can’t happen in a must-win type of game like Monday Night.

The first came in the first quarter after the second recovered fumble by the Dallas defense. Dak for some reason threw it up to a blatantly double covered Amari Cooper at the Tennessee 5-yard line, resulting in an easy interception which gave the Titans life when they easily could’ve been down 14-0. The next one coming in the second half where Dak fumbled on third and long trying to extend an already dead play. A spot where you just need to eat the sack and move on.

All of a sudden over the last 24 games, Dak is one of the four most turnover-prone quarterbacks in all of football. If you can’t get ball security right, then what are you getting right, Dak?

Someone needs to be Fired

The running game was hit and miss and the offensive line continued to have problems. Going scoreless in the second half can’t happen coming off the bye against a three-win team. You had 15 days to prepare for this one coaching staff. The end result, absolutely unacceptable.

Firing coaches should get to be a habit for Jerry Jones. Pick a coach. Any of them. Start with Jason Garrett, who’s been at the helm for the last eight seasons and counting. Without getting into everything, let us look at how he started his press conference post game:

“I thought we did some good things in this game.”

Twitter will love that one. This is why I’ve been done with him since last season. “Some good things.” It doesn’t matter, we just traded our 1st round pick, we have a losing record, we need wins. Plain and simple.

But Jerry doesn’t seem ready to make another coaching change just yet (shocker) as he replied with an emphatic “no” when asked post game.

And then, Jason?

“Get back to work 7:30 Wednesday morning.”

And that might be the worst news of all. Whether it’s Garrett, Scott Linehan, both, or someone else, waking up Tuesday morning with everyone still employed is comical.

Amari Looks Good

On a positive note, in his Cowboy debut, Cooper looked as advertised with his targets on Monday Night. He got off to a hot start catching an 11-yard pass on the second play of the game, and a touchdown on his third target. Overall he hauled in five balls for 58 yards. It was a pretty good debut for a wide receiver entering a new environment mid-season. However, on Dak’s red zone interception it looked as if they were almost trying too hard to get him involved. This is the spot where they just should’ve run Zeke up the gut realistically three times in a row.

Give Byron Jones some Love

After Kevin Byard picked off that Dak pass in the first, he proceeded to pull the TO and celebrate on the star at midfield. Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones wasn’t just going to stand back and allow Tennessee players to celebrate on the star. On their star. When he saw this, Byron ran immediately to midfield and shoved Byard and company off of the star. A nice play by Byard, much respect there, but personally I don’t think it’s something you do there.

Jason Witten broadcasting on the ESPN Monday Night Football crew didn’t appreciate the celebration either mentioning that it was disrespectful, and that Byard needs to have played at a high level for 5-8 years before doing something like that.

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