With the buy week ahead in Week 8, the 20-17 loss at Washington is going to be a tough one to swallow for the next 14 days. Dallas didn’t play nearly well enough across the board, but like in Houston, it was there for the taking late.

Here’s some takeaways:


Skip is hot about it so there must be some ground here, right? With a chance to tie the game and send it to overtime Brett Maher was ready to nail a 47-yard field goal. Instead, the Cowboys most tenured player (14 seasons with the team), long snapper L.P. Ladouceur was called for a “snap infraction” moving the kick back to a 52-yarder. Maher then proceeded to drill the left upright and the Redskins walked it off.

First of all, what is a snap infraction? It’s the first time I’ve ever seen in called in how ever many years of football watching. Further replay even showed that Redskins DE Jonathan Allen moved first before Ladouceur just to add insult to injury. What should’ve been an offside or encroachment on the defense and a 42-yard attempt turned into that. The worst part for the Cowboys is that Maher’s kick would have been good from 47 or closer. Instead, it was moved back to 52. It hooked at the last second. A matter of inches separated the Cowboys from overtime and a 3-4 record. So yeah, we’re a little heated about that.

“Exact same thing I’ve been doing for 14 years,” said Ladouceur post game.

One play doesn’t win or lose football games, and the Cowboys had plenty more opportunities that at the end of the game. But this one has a Green Bay 2014 feeling to it.

Road Woes for the Dak Attack Continue

They just can’t seem to get it going away from Jerry World, which is so unlikely compared to the road/home splits over the last decade. Dak didn’t play his best game and made the costly error late, fumbling in the end zone. To be fair, he was under duress for much of the game and when given time was making some nice throws. The Michael Gallup touchdown was his best of the day. Dak also had the impressive touchdown dive late in the fourth quarter to pull the Cowboys within three. After taking a big hit to the head it looked like he could’ve been done for the day but was able to get cleared.

Ezekiel Elliott really never had a chance on Sunday. He finished with just 33 yards on 15 carries and it felt like he was swarmed by red every time he touched the ball. Give the Redskins their credit here though. They game planned to stop Zeke and they did just that on defense. Not to mention still, if you had told me Zeke would finish the game with that yardage total, I would’ve said the Redskins would win easily.

Coach Clap Out coached from the Booth

Once again, the Cowboys played not to lose instead of playing to win. Down the stretch in the 4th there was the growing feeling that they were playing just to get the game to overtime. To make it even better, Tony Romo explained how the Cowboys could have gotten one more shot at the end zone to win while Jason Garrett played for the field goal. Cowboys Nation is rampant on Twitter to bring Tony back as head coach, which is out in left field, yes. But can we really blame them? I’m not one to cry and complain with emotion but not taking a shot for the end zone in the final seconds left me wondering. Dallas had a ton of momentum. Seems like it was worth at least one attempt at winning the game in regulation in stead of just centering the ball.

The Defense (Especially in the Red Zone) Remains Strong

Must be sounding like a broken record now, but man, this defense is life giving. It’s the only part of the Dallas team that has traveled well and is managing to keep them in every game through seven weeks. Again, some of the biggest stops and most crucial plays were saved for the red zone. Some big plays to note were Byron Jones huge tackle on what looked like a revived Adrian Peterson to keep him out of the endzone in the third. Followed by a David Irving sack of Alex Smith on the next possession. We have to mention Demarcus Lawrence’s work against the run too. He’s been one of the best overall defenders in the league again this year.

With all due respect to the Washington Redskins, this was a winnable game for Dallas against a beatable team. Instead, the Cowboys are back below .500 heading into the bye, not looking like they have a ton of answers for their road performances. It’s been that kind of season.

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