The first two weeks of July 2019 will see the most anticipated annual professional tennis event take place in England. Wimbledon has a long-standing heritage making it the most coveted Grand Slam, one that every player dreams about winning.

A game of stamina, skills, and determination, there is excitement aplenty on the court and the stands whenever a tennis match takes place. Make it the Centre Court at Wimbledon, and that enthusiasm reaches the extent that royalty and celebrities are found sitting among the audience.

Tennis is also a favourable game to indulge in if you want to make some extra cash. Since the results of any match are a direct result of the performance by one player or two in case of doubles, it is easy to analyse and bet based on past and overall performances. Since getting tickets to Wimbledon is no easy feat, online gambling allows bettors to sit at home and join in on the action. Moreover, they can benefit from the many bonuses that are offered by bookmakers to maximise profits and be in the lead even before the players step onto the court.

Roger Federer

The Swiss national has been dominating the game of tennis for many years and is possibly the most successful professional player ever. His calm demeanour, spectacular gameplay, and shy smile are his trademarks, making him a fan favourite both on and off the court. With no signs of retiring anytime soon, Federer is often the most bet-worthy player, and it comes as no surprise that he is listed at 7/2 odds to win this year. The only question now is if he will meet his on-court nemesis Nadal in the finals or much before that?

Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic played a phenomenal final last year to take away the Wimbledon 2018 title. The Serbian player is presently on top of the best players list and has so far won 14 Grand Slams. His straight-set win over Kevin Anderson led to his fourth Wimbledon title last year. Listed at 13/5 odds to win once again in 2019, he will be giving it all to grab a back-to-back Wimbledon title. Djokovic is at the height of his career right now, and as long as there are no injuries, we can safely assume that he will make a significant play in this year’s competition.

Serena Williams

2018 wasn’t the best for Serena Williams who ended up in a couple of on-court controversies. However, she is the most fabulous women’s tennis player ever, and her gameplay seems to be as strong as ever. Listed at 11/2 odds to win the Wimbledon, all that you need to hope for is that there are no more “instances” in 2019 that may result in her walking off the court without the trophy.

Angelique Kerber

German Angelique Kerber has remained under the radar even after winning numerous Grand Slams over the past few years. Ranked No 1 in 2016, she is presently second in the women’s tennis world rankings. Her win in the 2018 Wimbledon over Serena Williams has made her a favourite with the bookmakers and punters alike with odds of 9/1 for her to lift the title once again.

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