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The Los Angeles Dodgers decided to call up their top-prospect, Cody Bellinger, and so far they have no reason to regret it. Bellinger collected his first MLB hit in San Francisco, in his first game. Unlike most thoughts, Bellinger’s first hit was not up to most predictions. An infield single had the Dodgers’ top-prospect legging his first out, against a Giants’ shift.

Los Angeles certainly knows that Cody’s power is there; but at a young age, being called up has put more focus on getting on base. They came slightly later than Dodger fans had thought but on April 29th, Cody Bellinger went yard. Twice. His first two career home runs helped the Dodgers to a 6-5 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies.

Aside from the obvious power, there has been a lot of maturity in Cody Bellinger’s approach as a big-leaguer. Bellinger has struck out less than half of his at-bats in the big leagues and has also gotten himself into good ‘hitter counts’.

Cody’s time up with the Dodgers was due to the injury of Joc Pederson; with moving to Andrew Toles and Kike Hernandez as a platoon role in Centre Field. The injury has created some starting time in the outfield and at first base for Bellinger. With Joc Pederson progressing back to playing shape quite fast, it seems as though Bellinger will still see time in lineup. A prolonged injury to Adrian Gonzalez has had his ‘tennis elbow’ creep up and affect his ability to play with consistency.

The injury to Gonzalez has allowed Cody Bellinger to step into a more comfortable role. Playing first base has been the most comfortable position of the young Dodger, and comes with much praise. Scouts around the Dodgers and MLB have mentioned Bellinger’s potential at a ‘sure-handed’ first base slot. Cody’s talent at the position is that of Gold Glove caliber. The Dodgers will get to embrace more of that with Gonzalez on the 10-Day Disabled List.

Both a loss and a gain; the fresh, healthy offense of Cody Bellinger is providing something that Adrian Gonzalez was not able to produce. Though Gonzalez is a veteran player, this time gives the Dodgers a chance to take a look into their future. Bellinger’s progression throughout his time in the Minor Leagues has been fast and consistent. There has yet to be considerable lack of consistency or potential with Bellinger’s approach to his continuous steps towards big league baseball. Going forward, there is no worry for Los Angeles with however they decide to approach their situation with the depth of their 25-man roster. The .300-plus batting average and all-around production from Cody Bellinger backs up the reasoning quite well, moving forward.


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