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Nina Schneider

I was born in Germany and now live in the UK since 2015. I started to get into gaming with my first NES, playing Mario. I owned each of the Nintendo consoles after, until I got my first PC when I was around 14. Some years later, I played my first RTS (Command & Conquer) and FPS (Wolfenstein) games and never quit playing. I prefer team games and played an Unreal Tournament Mod called Deathball for over 10 years. Overwatch got me into the eSports scene, and was the motivator to change my path - from working in the IT to do something I love. Some of my all time favourite games are Soldier of Fortune II, Deathball, Warcraft 3, F.E.A.R, Zelda, Mario Kart and Overwatch. Besides gaming, I love to read and write and spending time with my cats.