Wednesday, May 27, 2020
Authors Posts by Jakob Lucas

Jakob Lucas

My name is Jakob Lucas, and I am a lifelong Orioles fan. I was born at the dawn of the dark ages, so I did not know a winning Orioles team until 2012. I am fortunate to live a few miles from Camden Yards and when I can score some tickets, find myself there on a humid summer night screaming my throat raw. In my writing, my love for baseball collides with my passion for data and analytics. I dig deep into the data and utilize sabermetrics, leaving my fandom at the door. My ultimate goal is to work in an analytics department for a major league team, and I'm working towards that by pursuing a Statistics and Financial Economics Dual Degree at UMBC. Follow me on Twitter @jakoblucas1 if you want to hear more of my thoughts about Baseball and the Orioles.
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