Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Authors Posts by Ethan Lington

Ethan Lington

I would describe myself as a self-motivated, dedicated sports fanatic that loves football over any other game. My family is definitely the motivation for my success. I was born in Houston, grew up in Dallas. My fandom is messy and confusing, being a Texans/Mavericks/Rangers/Astros/Texas/Oregon fan. I’m a 90s millennial, so I grew up playing video games. NCAA Football was and always will be my favorite game, it’s an absolute travesty amateurism ruined that franchise. That game is also the main reason for my Oregon fandom outside of becoming fascinated watching Dennis Dixon. I grew up a Longhorns fan, being in the heart of Texas and all and my mother being a graduate. Texans were my first hometown pro franchise, and I grew up watching the Astros. I wrote for Fansided for 2 years covering the Texans, and it was a blast. I’ll be around, follow me on Twitter @EthanLington
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