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Chris Cook

I was born into Indiana Pacers fandom at a very young age and haven’t looked back since. Following the NBA from such a young age, I can remember some of the most random things most people don’t care to know about. I followed those late 90’s Pacers teams, the O’Neal/Artest years, through to the dark ages of Jim O’Brien, the conference finals teams that couldn’t get over the hump, and now the Oladipo led Pacers. I have suffered through the Larry Johnson four point play, the Tayshaun Prince block, the Malice at the Palace, and the LeBron James game winners. I am the proud owner of an Indiana Pacers tattoo and hope to one day add the Larry O'Brien trophy next to it. Haak, Jake and I created Born Ready 2 Pod in the summer of 2018 and it has taken off since. Our goal is to one day land Mr. Born Ready himself, Lance Stephenson, on the podcast.