53 Man Roster

No. Player POS College Tenure (Years w/ ATL)
2 Matt Ryan QB Boston College 2008-present
10 Steve Bartkowski QB California 1975-1985
7 Michael Vick QB Virginia Tech 2001-2006
42 Gerald Riggs RB Arizona State 1982-1988
33 Michael Turner RB Northern Illinois 2008-2012
32 Jamal Anderson RB Utah 1994-2001
31 William Andrews FB Auburn 1979-1986
84 Roddy White WR Alabama-Birmingham 2005-2015
11 Julio Jones WR Alabama 2011-present
81 Terance Mathis WR New Mexico 1994-2001
84 Alfred Jenkins WR Morris Brown 1975-1983
80 Andre Rison WR Michigan State 1990-1994
86 Jim Mitchell TE Prairie View A&M 1969-1979
83 Alge Crumpler TE North Carolina 2001-2007
80 Junior Miller TE Nebraska 1980-1983
78 Mike Kenn T Michigan 1978-1994
70 Bob Whitfield T Stanford 1992-2003
77 Tyson Clabo T Wake Forest 2005-2012
74 Todd Weiner T Kansas State 2002-2008
63 Justin Blalock G Texas 2007-2014
79 Bill Fralic G Pittsburgh 1985-1992
68 R.C. Thielemann G Arkansas 1977-1984
65 Kynan Forney G Hawaii 2001-2007
57 Jeff Van Note C Kentucky 1969-1986
62 Todd McClure C LSU 1999-2012
95 Jonathan Babineaux DT Iowa 2005-present
98 Travis Hall DT Brigham Young 1995-2004
75 Roderick Coleman DT East Carolina 2004-2007
74 Mike Pitts DT Alabama 1983-1986
87 Claude Humphrey DE Tennessee State 1968-1978
55 John Abraham DE South Carolina 2006-2012
90 Chuck Smith DE Tennessee 1992-1999
97 Patrick Kerney DE Virginia 1999-2006
50 Greg Brezina OLB Houston 1968-1979
71 Kroy Biermann OLB Montana 2008-2015
44 Vic Beasley, Jr. OLB Clemson 2015-present
56 Darion Conner OLB Jackson State 1990-1993
58 Jessie Tuggle MLB Valdosta State 1987-2000
56 Keith Brooking MLB Georgia Tech 1998-2008
60 Tommy Nobis MLB Texas 1966-1976
50 Curtis Lofton MLB Oklahoma 2008-2011
22 Rolland Lawrence CB Tabor 1973-1980
23 Bobby Butler CB Florida State 1981-1992
25 Scott Case CB Oklahoma 1984-1994
34 Ray Buchanan CB Louisville 1997-2003
21 Deion Sanders CB Florida State 1989-1993
36 Ken Reaves CB Norfolk State 1966-1973
34 Ray Brown S West Texas A&M 1971-1977
27 Tom Pridemore S West Virginia 1978-1985
25 William Moore S Missouri 2009-2015
28 Thomas DeCoud S California 2008-2013
3 Matt Bryant K Baylor 2009-present
6 John James P Florida 1972-1981



Notable Head Coaches

Dan Quinn (2015-present)

Mike Smith (2008-2014)

Jim Mora (2004-2006)

Dan Reeves (1997-2003)

Jerry Glanville (1990-1993)

Leeman Bennett (1977-1982)

Norm Van Brocklin (1968-1974)


Starting Lineups:



QB 7 Michael Vick

RB 42 Gerald Riggs

FB 31 William Andrews

WR 11 Julio Jones

WR 84 Roddy White

TE 86 Jim Mitchell

LT 78 Mike Kenn

LG 63 Justin Blalock

C 57 Jeff Van Note

RG 79 Bill Fralic

RT 70 Bob Whitfield



LE 55 John Abraham

DT 95 Jonathan Babineaux

DT 98 Travis Hall

RE 87 Claude Humphrey

LOLB 44 Vic Beasley, Jr.

MLB 56 Keith Brooking

ROLB 50 Greg Brezina

CB 21 Deion Sanders

CB 36 Ken Reaves

FS 34 Ray Brown

SS 25 William Moore


Special Teams:

K 3 Matt Bryant

P 6 John James



Who to Start At: QB, RB, TE

I wasn’t sure on who I should’ve chosen to take charge of this highly prolific offense. Why not add a playmaker in Michael Vick to take the reins while he can throw and use his legs as a threat. While Vick was in his prime, he was almost always impossible to stop; but then we all know what happened before his prime. So if Vick stayed clean, he might as well still been playing in Atlanta and competing for what I think could be a second Super Bowl; because obviously when you have a talented player like Vick, you can build pieces around him.

Next up was who should start at running back, and I chose Gerald Riggs, the Falcons all-time leading rusher. But then standing in his way is none other than Michael Turner. Michael Turner the Burner had some stellar years with the Falcons, really getting a glimpse of what he could bring to the table as he was limited in San Diego. But ultimately, this time; Turner fell to the teams’ all-time leading rusher Gerald Riggs, as he had a phenomenal career as a Falcon.

Lastly was the tight end position. Obviously I left out Tony Gonzalez simply because I feel he’s more remembered as a Kansas City Chief rather than an Atlanta Falcon. So the list goes on with Jim Mitchell, Alge Crumpler or Junior Miller; the first and third choices people may scratch their head. But I ultimately chose Jim Mitchell to be the starter on this glorious offense. Among tight ends in Falcons’ history, Mitchell leads Atlanta in terms of receiving yards (4,358), third in catches (305), third in touchdowns (28).

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