Position Rank: C #3

Team Rank: Timberwolves #1

This one is all based on potential. Karl-Anthony Towns stormed into the NBA last season, winning Rookie of the Year in a landslide. Towns has replaced Anthony Davis as the player most people would pick if they were starting a team tomorrow. He is brimming with upside offensively. John Calipari sheltered his game a bit at Kentucky and last year, we were able to see just how versatile he is on that end of the floor. Towns can knock down shots from just about anywhere as well as play down low. He can also finish around the basket with ease, and even handle the ball a little when asked to do so. Like all young players, he has mechanics to work on defensively, but he is a great rim protector and can keep up with guards on the perimeter. Just ask Stephen Curry. While Andrew Wiggins will be very good, the Timberwolves are going to be contenders down the road because of one guy, and that’s Towns. The rest of the NBA has been put on notice.

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