Dear Ross

As I sit here tonight thinking about what it means to be an Ole Miss fan, I cant help but think about what goes on behind the scenes. All of the political bullshit you put up with on a daily basis. I’m sure its nauseating, but you have done one hell of a job of keeping it together.

From the Ole Miss investigation, to Andy Kennedys contract not being renewed, there has been a lot of backlash from the Ole Miss fanbase. Maybe not directly at you, but definitely at the administration (looking at you Chancellor Vitter). Somehow, though, you seem to have been able to keep your sanity.

You have a daunting task ahead of you, though. This head coaching hire, whether fair or not, will most likely define your legacy at Ole Miss. SEC universities live and die through football. It is the blood that keeps SEC schools pumping and growing, it fuels fanatics on internet boards, and it makes boosters spend ungodly amounts of money. It forms bonds with families and friends, it creates memories most of us will never forget.

SEC football gets engrained in your soul. I can still remember my first time at an Ole Miss football game. I don’t remember the exact year, but I know I was around the age 10, maybe 11. My grandfather took me to Oxford to watch the Egg Bowl. It was cold and crowded, but it was magnificent. I had never seen anything like it. So many fans, so many people, cheering for the same thing I was cheering for. I remember seeing Eli walk onto the field. He was a giant. The absolute tallest human being I had ever seen, larger than life.

I was hooked immediately. College football had reached down to my very core, planted a seed that would only grow, and take up more and more of my focus and time. College football transforms and molds people. It effects their day, right or wrong, healthy or not. It effects marriages, bank accounts, moods, and friendships.

College football is a lifestyle, and you hold that very lifestyle in your hands over the next few months Mr. Bjork. You make the final decision, you call the shots, it is ultimately up to you to decide who takes over as the new Ole Miss football coach.

No one likes losing, especially Ole Miss fans. Although, we have gotten used to it over the many years. The close losses provide heartaches every year, something we have grown accustomed to.

However, you get a chance to fix that. You get a chance to go out and try and change something. You get a chance to start from the bottom, and rebuild the whole damn thing. Like Alabama did when they hired Nick Saban, they started fresh. They cut off all of the cancerous distractions. All of the good ol boys hanging around, all of the big money side line coaches were escorted out of the building, and they started over.

Ole Miss needs to start over, from the ground up. The team needs an injection of passion and tough love, discipline, and hope. The coaches need time, security, and less distractions. The boosters need to be relegated to what they are good at, getting the football program funding, and you are the one that can make that happen.

It is all up to you Ross, it all lies in your hands. It is up to you to start the rebuild instead of settling for a patch job. This team needs new construction, not a remodeling. Take out that hard hat from the Pavillion construction and put it back on, because, to get us where we need to be, there are going to be old stubborn walls that need to come on down.

Chandler Hemphill

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