It would wind up being Boston’s final game of the Summer League, but no one knew that. Well, maybe Kadeem Allen did, because he certainly played like that. Allen, a typically defensive player, had a summer high in points and assists.

In a total of 24 minutes, Allen had nine points, four assists, and five rebounds (two of which were offensive). Despite his typically defensive role, Allen contributed directly (via his numbers) to 14.8% of the Celtics’ scoring.

After a tight first quarter, the Celtics quickly found themselves in a hole after the Dallas Mavericks had a huge second quarter, burying the Celtics with a lead that kept increasing as the game went on. The largest lead the Mavericks had was 28, but Allen and the Celtics didn’t give up. A majority of his assists and points came when the Celtics were either tied or behind.

Allen certainly had a career game, and is it any coincidence that he is one of seven players from the summer league listed on the Celtics’ official roster now? On the roster, he joins Summer League offensive standouts Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

Whether or not his name on the roster is any indication on what is future with the Celtics will be, Allen had a great outing and turned some heads in his time in the summer league. His defensive abilities and leadership that Arizona Wildcats’ coach Sean Miller praised Allen for, are showing through and that should help Allen go far.

However, Allen will not be going any farther in the tournament, as the Celtics fell to the Mavericks, 91-74. After Lauri Markkanen and his Bulls were eliminated earlier in round one, Allen was left to represent the 2016-17 Arizona Wildcats on his own. In the end, he made Wildcats – and Celtics – fans very proud.

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