• CONNOR BEDENBAUGH: First of all, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule and agreeing to do this interview


  • CB: Many recruiting services have you listed as a 4-star recruit, and you chose the Tigers over programs like Texas Tech and the College of Charleston. What primarily drew you to Clemson over other programs?
    • AO: “Clemson, to me, just felt more family-friendly. I just knew in my heart I had to be a tiger, it just felt right to both me and my family.”


  • CB: With the game of basketball evolving to favor smaller lineups, your 6’4 stature would be the ideal size for a Shooting Guard in small-ball lineups. Last season, Clemson started Jordan Roper at the 2-guard spot, who is only 5’10. Do you project more as a PG or a SG in Coach Brownell’s system.
    • AO: “I can see myself in the 2-guard & maybe a little bit of the PG position. Hopefully, wherever they put me I can excel. I know I’m going to come in and work my tail off and try to fit in, but wherever they need me, I’ll be there.”


  • CB: You’re from Daniel High School, just minutes away from Clemson’s campus. What does it mean to you to see former Daniel Basketball Alums like DeAndre Hopkins and Shaq Lawson go on to make a name for themselves in the NFL?
    • AO: “It’s huge for me. I know some of their family members actually. Some of them are currently at the school with me. They tell me how dominant they (Hopkins; Lawson) were in high school and how they were so good in college. It kind of gave me big shoes to fill, even though they were in a different sport than me professionally.”


  • CB: What do you plan on doing to make sure you get minutes freshman year?
    • AO: “Just working my tail off. Anything they put in front of me, I’ll work with on it with 110% effort. If I need to put more effort into anything, then i’m going to do it.”


  • CB: What are your biggest goals for your basketball career?
    • AO: “My biggest goals are pretty much this: ACC Regular season champs, ACC championship, Then National Championship. No personal accolades, just team accolades.”


  • CB: If you had to pick 1 favorite player in basketball, both currently and in the past, who would they be?
    • AO: “Kevin Durant currently, and Reggie Miller in the past.” 


  • CB: Who would you say your style of play is most similarly modeled after?
    • AO: “A little bit of Reggie Miller and Kevin Durant mixed. I like to talk trash, even if it’s like friendly trash-talking. I just think it’s fun. And then I’d say i’m like Kevin Durant because I was one of the tallest kids in my region at times.”


  • CB: What is more important to you, moving on the next level as quickly as possible, or getting your degree?
    • AO: “I would say a little bit of both, but I’d lean towards getting my degree because I really would love to have something to fall back on.”


  • CB: What do you plan on majoring in at Clemson?
    • AO: “I plan to be an Education major.”


  • CB: Outside of basketball, how do you spend your free time?
    • AO: “Honestly, I like playing NBA2k, just cause I’m a hooper. I like watching scary movies, and I spend a lot of time catching up with Stranger Things on Netflix.”


  • CB: Who are some of your favorite music artists currently?
    • AO: “Drake, 21 Savage, Dame D.O.L.L.A, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Roy Woods, MadeinTYO, and Kodak Black. 


  • CB: Again, thanks for your time AJ. Our staff wishes you the best of luck and continued success. Go Tigers!
    • AO: “Thank you guys, I love doing this type of stuff. It gives me a chance to let people know a little bit about myself, and what I want out of Clemson. Go Tigers!”

Connor Bedenbaugh would like to give special thanks to fellow Clemson Writer Sage Moody for his assistance with the question topics.

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Clemson University B.A. ’17 Charlie Whitehurst for President. #BoltUp #RIPJoseFernandez
Clemson University B.A. ’17 Charlie Whitehurst for President. #BoltUp #RIPJoseFernandez


    • Thanks Gary! I agree completely about the current state of our program. Brownell is doing an excellent job in the transfer market as well, snagging guys like former 4-stars Shelton Mitchell at PG and Elijah Thomas at PF/C.


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