The Philadelphia 76ers aren’t just concerned about who will be on the court for the team this upcoming season.

The organization has decided to shake up the medical department by parting ways with two top doctors.

Dr. Daniel Medina (formerly the Vice President of Athletic Care) and Dr. David Martin (previously the Director of Performance Research and Development) will not return next season.

Medina was hired by Bryan Colangelo, while Martin was brought in by Sam Hinkie.

A new approach?

The Sixers medical team isn’t a fan favorite in Philadelphia.

The perception surrounding the medial staff is that it lacks transparency regarding injuries and when to expect players to return to the court.

Most notably when Joel Embiid suffered a torn meniscus back in the 2016 season, he played in a nationally televised game against the Houston Rockets just a few weeks later.

Nobody outside the organization knew about the tear until after the game.

Perhaps General Manager Elton Brand and ownership want a different approach to how players, particularly Embiid, are handled throughout the season.

Elton Brand indicated to the media back in May, Embiid is aware of how other players take games off in the regular season to prepare for the playoffs.

“We’re going to monitor minutes, we’re going to monitor workload, and he’s on board for all of that,” Brand said about Embiid’s desire to be healthy for the playoffs.

Just like with the roster, the Sixers aren’t afraid to mix things up inside the organization.

Embiid needs to be healthy when the playoffs arrive next season. Healthy isn’t something Embiid has been entering the playoffs over the last two years.

Perhaps this shakeup shows the organization is learning from previous mistakes. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Embiid play in less than 65 games next regular season.

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