The story rocking NBA storylines this week is Anthony Davis‘ trade request from the New Orleans Pelicans.

The Philadelphia 76ers should be keeping tabs on the Davis sweepstakes due to his high profile and performance level, but the idea of Davis joining the team is a pipe dream.

Not enough in the bank

The 76ers would be a nice fit for Davis since they are a team on the rise and perhaps a player away from competing for a championship. Davis could be utilized as a stretch four next to all-star Joel Embiid and it will be by far the NBA’s best front court. It gets you chills just thinking of them on the same team.

But the 76ers just don’t have enough valuable pieces to make a deal work for both sides. If the Sixers and Pelicans were to discuss a trade, Ben Simmons would certainly be brought up in talks. Would the Pelicans demand even more players from the 76ers roster besides Simmons? The team doesn’t have much depth as is right now.

Simmons is a good enough player to be the centerpiece in a deal of this magnitude. But this team would be severely flawed if Simmons and Davis were swapped.

A starting back court of J.J. Redick and TJ McConnell would be a nightmare defensively and both have major flaws on offense. They struggle guarding opposing team’s guards even with Simmons, and it would get much worse without him around.

Granted Davis is a better player than Simmons, and if that swap was agreed upon, the Sixers might have to take it. Plus, the Pelicans will probably be looking for valuable draft picks in addition to young players. The Sixers own the Miami Heat’s 2021 first-round pick, but that might not be a lottery pick.

Davis would be great in Philadelphia, but it appears the math doesn’t work out. Most likely the Pelicans will wait to move Davis until the offseason when the Boston Celtics can become involved. Their collection of young players and draft picks can’t be beat.

Return home?

If Davis is moved to the Los Angeles Lakers or another team by the deadline, the 76ers should strike on the chance to bring back a familiar face.

Jrue Holiday, who was drafted by the 76ers in 2009, could be the move to put the Sixers over the top in the Eastern Conference. Trading Davis would mean the Pelicans are selling, therefore making Holiday available in trades.

A lot can happen before the trade deadline (Feb. 7) and general manager Elton Brand should be preparing for every option.

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