I can bet that either you, or someone you know is a sports fan. There are so many different sports out there, and a lot of people watch or keep up with more than one. I myself love gymnastics and football. Along with professional sports, come the major championships and games. Along with most other’s out there, you probably even watch the Super Bowl. 

So how do you keep up with your favorite teams while leading a regular life of parenting or work? How do you get in on all the fun? If you are a sports bettor then the guys from Today’s Top Totals have a bunch of information on their blog to keep you up to date with all the latest sports team predictions for baseball and hockey. You can check out the over and under picks for different teams. Also, there is an over/under the bettor guide that would be great for beginners! Every sports enthusiast’s dream.

Here are 6 websites you should know about to keep up with all of your favorite teams:


Everyone has heard of the Olympics. People gather together in homes or in public to watch this historic game. This site has literally everything you could imagine on it. Learn about the history of the Olympics, see photos of past games. You can even learn about future host of the games to come. Every sport you can think of is listed on here, as well as the athletes involved. This is a great way to keep up with the hype of the games.


In the year 2018 alone, more than half of the world watched the World Cup. Isn’t that incredible? This soccer site lets you check out the teams, the players, statistics, figure out when matches are, even buy tickets! So, for all the die hard soccer fans get yourself and a friend a ticket to the game! Check photos, videos and news out on your lunch break here too!


Every year we plan a tailgate style dinner of wings, beer, and veggie trays and gather around the TV to watch the top teams play. It is kind of like a holiday. Parties, and even restaurants plan ahead for the big game every year. This site keeps everyone up to speed with all the latest news. You can even grab your favorite teams gear here as well. Loved that halftime show? Pull it up on the website and enjoy it again. Those Super Bowl commercials everyone loves are available here. Even buy your tickets to the big game. 


Some say Pro Basketball is just as huge as Pro Football. On the NBA’s website you can figure out what time that game comes on, watch recaps, get tickets to March Madness, and the NBA League Pass is also here, even watch NBA TV. 


Take me out to the ball game… This is the place to go for baseball lovers. Figure out the TV schedule, see who is top in their league, check out the top baseball news. Want to know what player is going where? Check out the Trade Talk section. Buy your tickets, hats, you name it Grab a nice hot dog and hope to catch that ball! 


As a little girl, I used to love watching Venus and Serena Williams play tennis. They inspired so many girls out there. Here on Wimbledon’s website you can get all the latest news about your top three favorites. See the scores of current games and what court the players are one. Watch videos, and look at pictures of matches. The funny moment videos are personally my favorite. 

Well, there you have it! There are so many sports and more websites out there than these. However, these are definitely the top websites for all of you sports lovers out there. Catching up with all of your favorite teams is so easy now. Buying new merchandise is at the tip of your fingers. Even buying tickets to a championship game is available. Who wouldn’t want to go to an Olympic game? If you are someone who travels a lot these websites will be your best friend. Watch recaps on the go. Enjoy!

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