Gisele made some serious noise Wednesday morning. All around NFL twitter were people saying this could be the next big story. This story is big. If true, massive. The Patriots and Bill Belichick hiding concussions from the injury report? That is massive, especially because it is the Patriots and Tom Brady. Fresh off all of the Deflategate nonsense, this would be blood in the shark-infested water of the media. Now, if this were Blake Bortles, it wouldn’t have the potential that this story has.

But you have to think, why would Brady and Bill hide a concussion from the injury report? Bill is known for overexaggerating the report. He will put anyone with the slightest injury as questionable. Why would he draw the line with Brady? That makes no sense. Why not put your best player on the report for at least a week and list him as questionable? Seems like a classic Bill move. The potential concussion must not have been that big a deal then, right? Seems a little fishy to me.

Let’s not launch a conspiracy here. However, it is well documented Gisele wants her sweetie pie Tom to retire. She asked him three times the night they won Super Bowl 51 to retire. Brady said in a SiriusXM that if it were up to her, Brady would be retired. Gisele wants him to retire. That is established. Well documented. Shouldn’t that curve the words?

The Patriots take every advantage with injuries. But not when it pertains to Tom Brady? That is a stretch. Even if it turns out he was concussed, which seems unlikely, it did not effect anything he did. Brady missed some practice late in the season, but that was due to a knee/thigh injury. Launching a league investigation into the Patriots over this is unlikely but wouldn’t suprise fans in New England. This whole thing stinks of fabrication.

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