The Three Types of Thompson

Klay Thompson is known for not always being the same player every game. He has three different personality types. Let's explore them.


Remember when Klay Thompson dropped 60 points in 29 minutes while only holding the ball for 90 total seconds? How about when he dropped 31 points while hitting seven threes against the Memphis Grizzles? How about when he had 14 points on 5/15 shooting against the Portland Trail Blazers?

Each of the games listed above is important when discussing Thompson because each is representative of a different personality type that he possesses. In total, he has three personalities. They’re as follows:

1. Bad Klay

I know, I know, everyone has an off game. But it appears as though Thompson gets a pass for off games more than anyone else who’s considered a top tier player. Remember earlier when I asked if you recalled the time Thompson had 14 points on 5/15 shooting against the Trail Blazers? Two things about that: (1) no way you remembered and (2) that was a real stat line — I didn’t just make it up — that occurs far more often than it should.

Chew on this: The game after the Trail Blazers game, Thompson went for 17 points on 7/17 shooting. A few games after that he went for 14 points on 5/12 shooting. The game after that he went for 16 points on 7/19 shooting. Rough stretch? No, I could keep going. There are shoddy statistical efforts scattered all through Thompson’s game log.

This is the first personality type for Thompson. Call it bad Klay, unforgettable Klay, or whatever you choose so long as you acknowledge that it exists and it may be his most common demeanor.

2. Good Klay

If you watched the game earlier this season against the Grizzles where Thompson scored 31 points and hit seven threes, you probably (a) remember it and (b) know what good Klay is all about.

Good Klay is the player that’s constantly moving without the ball, getting in his spots, and knocking down shots once he gets there. Good Klay is 35 points on 12/18 shooting against the Sacramento Kings. Good Klay is 29 points on 12/20 shooting against the Orlando Magic. Good Klay is 24 points on 9/16 shooting against the Cleveland Cavaliers. You know good Klay, right? You probably see him once every five or seven games. He’s both fun to watch and advantageous to his team.

Although good Klay doesn’t show up to every Warriors game when he does you know it and the opposing teams feel it.


The core temperature of the sun is said to be about 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. The only thing hotter? Thompson when he enters INFERNO MODE.




INFERNO MODE is Thompson in his rarest form. Watching Thompson exhibit this personality type is like watching Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, eating the first bite of your favorite meal over and over again for three hours straight, or watching the Dallas Cowboys lose in heart-wrenching fashion — because who doesn’t love when “America’s Team” crumbles on National Television with 50 million watching?

INFERNO KLAY does not come around often — he’s only been seen three times — but when he does, you stop what you’re doing and park yourself in front of a TV because there’s nothing more beautiful to watch than a shooter who is in the zone.

Thompson’s personality types are tantalizing, intriguing, and riveting. The latter two personalities warrant him “must watch” status because you never know what he’s going to do.

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  1. Watching GOD-LEVEL Klay is wild honestly. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, it is crazy. Using him in 2K is nuts when he isn’t missing. Inferno Klay ???


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