Tuesday, September 17, 2019

The Washington Nationals are on a roll

Roberto Rodriguez
The Washington Nationals appear poised to continue their monumental comeback and secure a spot in the postseason.

All Angels Podcast: August 16-CONTEST DETALES

Johnny and Daniel talk about how the week of Angels baseball was better then last week. 2020 schedule is out and hear our thoughts. As always they take questions from there email and instagram live (halo_haven)

The Son Ranto Show: Crawlying Down The Road

Crawly joins Danny for a recrap of the terrible Phillies sweep and a preview of the Pirates series! Join us at Patreon for early and ad free listening! www.patreon.com/sonranto

The Platinum Sombrero: Wrath of the Babip Gods

We bask in the presence of Ronald Acuna's greatness and discuss the series victory of the Mets, as well as the importance of the upcoming series against the Dodgers.

Spurtability: Trivia with The Historian + James Reads More Headlines

Joe and James are joined this week by The Historian. They open the show with the Trevor Bauer Hot Take of the Week and some Mets talk (03:34 - 18:33). James then reads some headlines without context (18:33 - 33:01). They wrap up the show with a game of trivia hosted by James that got one member of the podcast very heated (33:01 - 59:17). Store: spurtability.org Tweet at us: @SpurtabilityPod

The Son Ranto Show: Schedule Day Rant

Michael goes on an epic rant about the 2020 season schedule. We chat about the split with the Reds and preview the Cubs Phillies series. Early and ad free listening when you subscribe. www.patreon.com/sonranto

Full Count Chaos: Rough Week

Dj Stewart blooper moment | I like Brandon Hyde | Chris Davis needs to go

All Angels Podcast: August 8

The guys talk about the tough week for the Angels. There are some bright spots from the week and they talk about those too. As always they take your emails and questions on Instagram Live.

The Platinum Sombrero: Bomb Squad In Full Effect

We take a wistful look back at the offensive explosion we witnessed in Minnesota, the starts by Folty and Fried, and dig in to the latest minor league promotions

The Son Ranto Show: John Baker Day Recap

John Baker Day was a huge success! Danny Rockett thanks you all and gives a little Cubs news and an A's preview. Subscribe for early and completely ad free listening.
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